Football recruit Jarius Adams to make one more Rutgers visit

Jarius Adams already wrapped up his official visit to Rutgers, but he’ll come back to campus one more time before making his final decision (, Jan. 26).

“As of now, yes I do (plan to sign with Rutgers),” Adams said Sunday. “The visit was great.”

But that could change as a last minute offer from Michigan – his dream school – came into play.

“I just wanted to check it out since it was pretty much a dream school growing up,” Adams said. “I just want to check out the stuff that I’ve never seen. That’s pretty much it.”

While Adams will make the visit to Michigan, Rutgers still has a lasting impression.

“Well, I had a lot of highs, actually. Pretty much, talking to some of the players, seeing snow for the first time and then New York City and the way they talked about the academic part of it,” said Adams. “And like, you’ll have a job coming out of there, so that was a big thing.”

Not to mention, the Florida native’s parents liked it too.

“They thought it was real nice,” he said. “They liked the coaches as well, so I’m pretty much solid right now, but we’re taking this last visit. But yeah, I’m solid right now.”

Of course, coach Kyle Flood wasn’t excited to hear that the long-time commit would be visiting another school, never mind his dream school, but ultimately understood that Adams needed to weigh all of his options.

“He wasn’t happy about it,” said Adams. “But when I explained to him why I was going up there, then he pretty much understood and he was okay with it.

“I just told him it was a team that I liked when I was young, so I wanted to check it out,” Adams continued. “You only have this opportunity once, so you have to make the best of it.”


So he's coming back to campus between now and NSD?  That doesn't seem right.