Two Rutgers players win the Super Bowl

By Matt Sugam

It was guaranteed that a Rutgers player would hoist the Lombardi Trophy. It was just a matter of it would be one or two.

Well with the Ravens defeating the 49ers 34-31, Ray Rice and Alex Silvestro become the latest Scarlet Knights to win a Super Bowl.

Rice had 59 yards on 20 carries and four catches for 19 yards. Silvestro is a member of the practice squad.

The two become the eighth and ninth Rutgers players to win the Super Bowl.

Here’s the list of other former Rutgers players to win the Super Bowl:

Brandon Bing               New York Giants               XLVI

Darnell Stapleton        Pittsburgh Steelers           XLIII

Shaun O’Hara              New York Giants               XLII

Gary Brackett                Indianapolis Colts            XLI

Harry Swayne              Baltimore Ravens              XXXV

Harry Swayne              Denver Broncos                 XXXIII

Harry Swayne              Denver Broncos                 XXXII                                                       

James Jenkins            Washington Redskins     XXVI

Bill Pickel                      Los Angeles Raiders        XVIII                         

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