Turay Kemoko tries out linebacker

Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – Listed as a defensive end on the roster, freshman Turay Kemoko was lined up at linebacker at Rutgers’ first training camp practice.

“We thought of him as a hybrid and we thought of him as a guy that could be in coverage a little bit like George Johnson years ago and George actually intercepted three or four balls over the course of his career and we thought he was that kind of athlete,” head coach Kyle Flood said. “His skill set as a basketball player would lead you to believe that he could do those type of things.”

Right now, the coaching staff is just trying to see where he’s best suited on the field.

“So right now we’re trying to figure out exactly where he is going to fit on the defense and if it’s going to be this year or not, so that was the place we thought would be the best place to start him,” Flood said. “Will he finish there? I couldn’t tell you that yet.”

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