Taj Alexander And Andre Civil To Split Time At Offensive Line

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – Throughout training camp, head coach Kyle Flood said he’d like to stop the game of musical chairs on the offensive line with five starters and a potential sixth guy in the rotation. Today it seems he’s going from five to six with Andre Civil and Taj Alexander splitting time at right guard.

“I think they’ll both play in the game,” Flood said. “My thought right now is that they’ll both play in the game. They both have earned the right to play in the game.”

Alexander filled in for Civil against USF as he was held out with a lower leg injury.

“I thought Taj has done a nice job,” Flood said. “He did a good job against a good defensive front for South Florida and hopefully now he can build on it, but it was a good start for sure.”

Overall, Flood is pleased with the play of the offensive line this season.

“It’s a good start is the way I would asses it and they’re going to get a great challenge this week,” Flood said. “The first two games were a good start and I thought the third week was a little bit bigger of a challenge for us and I thought that they were able to hold up to that challenge and perform in a way that allowed us to win that football game, and now, we’re going to go into a more hostile environment and not so much that I would say it’s a better group of defensive lineman – I think they’re very comparable to what we saw last week, but there’s more of them and they’ll be fresher. And they send them out in waves, so this is another good challenge for this group.”

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