Savon Huggins Practices With Contact And Ready To Play

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – When Savon Huggins took his first hit on Tuesday since his lower leg injury against Howard, he had no trepidation. Even with a similar injury to the one he had last year, Huggins keeps the ailment out of his mind.

“If you play like that, than you’re going to get hurt, so mentally I’m in a different mindset,” Huggins told after Wednesday’s practice. “It’s part of the game. This is just a little dink right here but I don’t let that hinder me. I just play like I did before and I just play the game like that and that’s the approach I got to take.”

In fact, Huggins said he was eager to take that first hit. The sophomore just wanted to get it out of the way. And now that he has, the 6-foot, 200 pounder is looking forward to Saturday, saying he expects to play against UConn.

As for the injury possibly lingering, Huggins doesn’t have such concerns. He spent the offseason making sure his legs were strong enough so that wasn’t the case.

“If I didn’t have strong legs it would probably have taken longer [to come back] but I really take pride in having strong lower body,” Huggins said. “And especially after my first injury I really took consideration that I need to get stronger down there so it doesn’t happen again. So it did happen again unfortunately, but it wasn’t as severe.”

Neither has the strain on his mind. After a high school career at St. Peter’s Prep where he ran his way to being the top recruit in the Garden State unscathed, Huggins has learned how to cope with the bumps in the road.

“From my past injury and I just have a strong mind,” Huggins said. “All the things that I’ve been through – I just have to continue to be mentally strong. If you’re focused on your injury than you’re not focused on what you have to do, so I’m focused on what I have to do and that’s my main priority.”

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