Savon Huggins hopes new regimen gets him through a full season healthy

Matt Sugam

Dan Bracaglia/SNY.tvPISCATAWAY – As Savon Huggins gets set to take the reins as Rutgers’ workhorse running back, one question lingers that can’t be answered until the end of November.

Can he make it through a season without getting injured?

He saw a knee injury derail his freshman campaign nine games into the season. Two games into his sophomore year, he had a similar knee injury, and sat out two games, which gave Jawan Jamison the opportunity to run away with the job and off to the NFL.

It’s been a rude awakening for Huggins, who only had minor injuries as a high school star at St. Peter’s Prep and never missed a game. So to prevent future injuries, he’s gotten even more serious about taking care of his body.

“I’ve been eating right, hydrating, drinking a gallon of water every day,” Huggins said, adding, “Working out two three times a day and getting in the cold tub, stretching two three times a day and trying to do that same regiment.”

It’s a change from high school, where the demands on the body were much less grueling. To adjust, he learned how to better take care of himself from watching upper classmen.

“I remember seeing [former receiver] Mohamed Sanu – he was in the training room even if he wasn’t hurt,” Huggins said. “And that really takes a toll on your body come season time so you are healthy.”

Which includes a strict diet. Something that comes easier with his roommates being Gary Nova and Kaleb Johnson.

With Johnson as the head chef, the three are helping each other stay away from Rutgers’ fat sandwiches and fast food.

“We try and avoid going out to eat and if we do go out to eat, we really watch what we order,” Huggins said. “But we got some stakes, some chicken and we basically cook every night and I think that’s going good so far.”

And so, Huggins focus is getting ready for training camp. He says the thought of another injury hasn’t entered his mind. Instead, he’s focused on winning the American Athletic Conference and a BCS Bowl.

Of course, he’d like to help carry Rutgers there by playing a full season

“Definitely I do want to make it through the season healthy,” Huggins said. “Obviously I’m going to get dinged up a long the way, but ultimately I do want to make it through the season healthy.”

Something he feels he’s ready to do.

“I’m full throttle now,” Huggins said. “And I’ve been rehabbing even now, just doing physical therapy and stretching at night to really take care of my body because come camp time, we’re working out all the time and it’s rigorous so I need to be prepared now.”

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