San Diego State’s departure from the Big East affects Rutgers’ schedule

By Matt Sugam

Dan Bracaglia/SNY.tvWith San Diego State rescinding their offer to join the Big East to remain in the Mountain West, the void that needs to be filled in Rutgers’ conference schedule by Boise State’s departure becomes a big more clear.

Rutgers would have played San Diego State, SMU or Memphis in place of Boise State.

But with the Aztecs no longer in the conference, Rutgers will either play SMU or Memphis. The game will likely be on the road as Rutgers was schedule to play at Boise State.

When Boise State announced their plans to remain int he Mountain West, the Big East began considering scrapping their two-division set up and conference championship game. Instead, the remaining members would play eight league games instead of seven.

The Big East schedule was released on December 11 and Rutgers will play Cincinnati, Houston, Temple and South Florida at home and will go on the road to play UCF, Louisville and UConn, with the final game yet to be determined.

“On behalf of the Big East conference presidents and directors of athletics, I want to wish San Diego State the best,” Big East commissioner Mike Aresco said in a statement. “We have enjoyed working with president Elliot Hirshman and director of athletics Jim Sterk and our membership has the highest regard for them and for their institution.”

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