Rutgers’ Safeties Are Key In Stoping Army’s Triple Option

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – The luxury of Rutgers’ veteran defense comes in to play more than it will all season when it hosts Army on Saturday. Facing the unique offense that is the triple option is a tough task for every defense. But for most of Rutgers’ defense, they’ve seen it at least twice, if not two or three times.

The one guy that hasn’t is Lorenzo Waters. As the lone underclassman that starts on defense, the strong safety has the least experienced playing the run oriented offense.

Subbing in for David Rowe occasionally against Navy last year, Waters has only seen a few reps in a live game against the unique offense.

“I got a little bit of experience,” Waters told “So I kind of know the speed and the tempo of the game and know what to expect when I’m out there.”

Which is a physical, hard nosed game, spending a lot time up in the box helping the front seven stop the run. Yes, the strong safety is always involved in run support, with the run heavy offense, Waters support in the run defense increases drastically.

But he’s no the only one. He’ll receive a lot of help from free safety Duron Harmon

“I’m going to be more up on the line this week playing the run,” Harmon said. “That’s the scheme that we do vs. Army.”

Another part of that scheme is taking out a linebacker and using an extra safety. It puts more speed on the field, and much of the time, that safety will help stop the run as well.

The guy doing that will be Wayne Warren.

“Definitely coming down in the box more and playing more like a linebacker type spot,” Warren said of his role this week. “And it all just comes to just playing football and being physical. The safety has to be able to cover and be able to tackle.”

This game, the safeties will be doing more of the latter. And testing their toughness in the process.

“This week is going to test the physicality of our safety’s, which is just fine,” Warren said. “We all love to hit, we all love to play the linebacker level type stuff and that’s the biggest change for us this week.”

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