Rutgers prepared to see typical Teddy Bridgewater

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – Yesterday, Lousiville head coach Charlie Strong said that his injured quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (fractured wrist on non-throwing hand and sprained ankle) will have trouble lining up under center and handing the ball off. Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood pays no mind to it.

“Absolutely none of it,” Flood said. “I have a feeling that when Teddy Bridgewater gets here that he’ll be excited to play a football game and he’ll be able to do everything needs to do to try to help them be what they want to be at the end of the game.”

While it seems Louisville will have to change their play calling due to the injury, Rutgers won’t be changing their game plan.

“From what I’ve seen of coach Strong’s comment that if they want to line up under center they’d put the other quarterback in so you’d have to be ready to defend both,” Flood said. “Not that the run schemes change significantly if they’re under center or in the gun. The things that happen in the gun are the read option packages, but that’s something we’re preparing for anyway so I don’t really think it changes our preparation.”

However, they may need prepare for a second quarterback. Back up Will Stien could be the signal caller in some packages.

“From what I’ve seen of their back up quarterback it seems they run very similar stuff,” Flood said. “So I would imagine it would be something very similar. We’ll have to be ready to adjust.”

As for what Flood’s worry would be if his quarterback was banged up in the way Bridgewater is, his answer is what one would expect. Keeping his quarterback off his backside.

“You’d be concerned about him getting hit. That’s what you’d be worried about,” Flood said. “You worry that if he gets hit, there’s going to be a significant amount of pain.

“If it’s a bone injury you can’t numb bone. That’s the reality of it, and at some point the pain is such that you can’t operate anymore so that would be my concerns, but I don’t know the severity of the injury out ther.”

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