Rutgers’ Kyle Flood looking for a coordinator to run a pro-style offense that has experience

Dan Bracaglia/SNY.tvBy Matt Sugam

As Kyle Flood looks for an offensive coordinator to replace Dave Brock, the first-year head coach hasn’t put a timetable on when he’ll name a new offensive play caller.

“I don’t have a time frame that I’ve put on it,” Flood said in a conference call with reporters. “I think if it could be before the signing day I think there certainly could be some advantages to that but only if you could find the right person. I think the key is to find the right person for this football program and that will outweigh any time restrictions.”

The first place Flood can look is within the program as both quarterback coach Rob Spence and running backs coach Norries Wilson have been offensive coordinators. However, Flood will look outside the program as well.

“I don’t think you ever want to limit yourself in a search,” Flood said. I think it’s important to really explore every option.”

As long as they run a pro-style offense.

“I am looking for someone with pro style experience, but I think when I say that I think it’s important that I clarify it a little bit,” Flood said. “I think to me, a pro-style system should always be one that is one that is able to utilize its weapons and sometimes a pro style system will be a two back offense and sometimes a pro-style system will be a one back offense and at times a pro-style offense will be a no back offense.”

Flood said the candidate will also need to have experience. And he hopes whoever it is lasts longer than a season as Rutgers will be on their fourth offensive coordinator in four years.

“I would say it’s not ideal,” Flood said. “I think you would like to have the continuity of having the same offensive coordinator year after year, but I think when you hire quality people there’s always the possibility of something like this happening.”

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