Rutgers’ Kyle Federico Returns To Practice

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – For the first time since injuring his hip against UConn, Kyle Federico practiced during the week. Previously, he’d only come out on Friday’s to test out his leg to see if he could kick.

“He was out for about the first half of practice today and he’s starting to do some really good stuff,” head coach Kyle Flood said. “I think he’s closer. I think it’ll come down to a Thursday, Friday decision. I don’t think it’ll be any earlier than that.”

If he does kick this weekend against Kent State, Flood hasn’t lost any faith in his true freshman kicker despite only going six of 11 on year on field goals and missing the last two games with the injury.

“He made some kicks and then maybe there were a couple that he didn’t make that he’d like to have back because he didn’t quite hit them right, but I never felt mentally or emotionally he waivered,” Flood said.

“He’s very strong minded, very even tempered, I think all the things you want in a specialist. It’s a unique job to go out there for one snap and then you go back to the sideline and you weight a period of time you need to have that kind of temperament and I think he has that.”

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