Rutgers’ football season: what we learned

By Matt Sugam

Rutgers wrapped up the 2012 campaign with a loss the Russell Athletic Bowl. So it’s time to look back at the season and see what we learned:

1. Rutgers football hasn’t changed

In his first year as the head coach, Kyle Flood didn’t change the way Rutgers football was established under Greg Schiano. The style is a ground and pound game and taking care of the football on offense, a speedy defense that causes takeaways, and big plays on special teams. Even with just one coach left over from Schiano’s last staff in defensive coordinator Robb Smith, Flood brought in a slew of new coaches that bought into the system already in place.

2. Flood is more of a delegator

Schiano was a defensive coach who was extremely hands on with the defense as a defensive coordinator. He was also a micromanager, making sure his input was involved in just about everything. While Flood’s an offensive coach, he let Dave Brock take the reins of the offense. He’s also implemented a more laid back atmosphere around the Hale Center where he let the players police themselves.

3. Flood is going to ride with Gary Nova through thick and thin

Flood said he was going to pick a quarterback in training camp and stick with him. And he didn’t waiver. Not even when Nova threw six interceptions against Kent State and no one would have blammed him for yanking Nova at some point in that game. The sophomore struggled down the stretch and appeared to be regressing, throwing 13 of his 16 interceptions in the final six games as Rutgers went 2-4. Despite that, Flood stuck with his quarterback, just like he said he would.

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