Rutgers focuses on fundamentals in first bowl practice

By Matt Sugam

Dan Bracaglia/SNY.tvPISCATAWAY – As Rutgers had their first bowl practice today, the approach was that of an April practice than a midseason one.

“Right now it’s really more of a spring football atmosphere in terms of what we’re doing,” head coach Kyle Flood said. “And at some point we’ll make the transition into the Russell Athletic Bowl against Virginia tech and we’re about a week and a half away from doing that. ”

Given that it was the Scarlet Knights first since their season ending loss to Louisville last Thursday, today was about getting back to the basics.

“Today being the first time we practiced in a week and a half was really get back to fundamentals,” Flood said. “I think for every player in the program bowl, their goal should be at the end of this  month – these 14 practices and the game – they should be a better fundamental player than they were when started and there’s a  significant developmental component.”

But bowl season is really about the rich getting richer. It’s like an extra spring practice, which gives the coaches extra time of the field to develop the young players in the program.

“Our younger guys, our redshirt guys who aren’t in the two deep or the one and a half deep, they got about 12 team reps today in practice and that’s more than they got since training camp,” Flood said. “And that’s great for us to see what kind of grasp they have on the offense and I think it’s great from an accountalibilty standpoint for those guys to have to perform in front of their peers.”

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