Rutgers defensive linemen Michael Larrow and Marquise Wright move to the offensive side of the ball

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – With Rutgers still in the early stages of bowl practices, head coach Kyle Flood has decided to try out a pair of defensive linemen on the offensive side of the ball.

Today, Flood moved redshirt freshman Marquise Wright to the offensive line and redshirt junior Michael Larrow to tight end. Wright didn’t see the field this year and Larrow only appeared in two games after being suspended for the first four.

“Both of those guys have a skill set that makes you think they’re going to be successful Division I players,” Flood said. “Michael’s already played for us on defense in the past and then he got injured and he had the issue earlier in the year, so he hasn’t played much for us this year, but I think when I watch Michael’s skill set I think he’s a guy that eventually can help us and we’ll see how quickly that can happen.

“And it’s the same thing with Marquis. I think we got a good pool of defensive lineman right now and it probably says more about the depth than anything else when I’m trying to find a place for him because I think he’s a strong, athletic intelligent football player, I want to put him in a position where he can get on the field.”

The reason for doing it now is simple. Why wait for spring when you have the practices to do it in December?

“If you have the opportunity to do it during bowl prep, you can get a little bit of a jump on it,” Flood said.

The only other move is one that had been done in training camp, with Jeremy Deering taking some reps at safety.

“We had Jeremy Deering during individual back at safety,” Flood said. “And certainly with the status of Brandon Jones being unknown, that’s one that can really help us right now more than anything.”

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