Rutgers fans without the Big Ten Network may not see games

By Matt Sugam

If you’re a Rutgers fan in the New York-New Jersey area, a move to the Big Ten could mean a move in cable providers if you want to watch all of Rutgers’ games.

According to a report by Sports Business Daily, if the Big Ten can’t convince local cable providers Cablevision and  Comcast to include the Big Ten Network on their expanded basic tier packages, customers with those services will miss some games.

Big Ten school administrators are cited saying fans in the area will not be able to watch two football games and  as many as 15 basketball games a season if a deal is not reached.

Residents in Maryland would face the same issue for Terps games.

Rutgers fans would only be able to watch locally televised games on ESPN.

The Big Ten used the same tactic in Nebraska when the Cornhuskers joined the conference.

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