Ruhann Peele Simulates Army’s Quarterback

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – When Kyle Flood was looking for someone to imitate Army quarterback Trent Steeleman, he turned to a guy who’s never played quarterback high school in freshman wide receiver Ruhann Peele.

But considering Army’s signal caller pitches it way more than he throws it, Flood didn’t need to find a gunslinger.

“Ruhann Peele is doing an excellent job trying to simulate their offense, which is not a very easy task to do,” Flood said. “So I think the whole scout team did a good job today trying to give the defense the right looks.”

And Peele has two qualities that jump out that is helping him help Rutgers defense get prepared.

“He’s a very competitive person by nature. That’s the first quality you have to have because that person’s going to get hit a lot during the practice week and you have to bounce back up and keep playing,” Flood said. “And certainly from an athelticism standpoint I think it’s a good match. He’s a guy who runs well, he’s tough to tackle – very similar to their quarterback – and he’s thrown the ball better than I’ve expected for somebody that doesn’t play that position.”

Of course no matter what Peele does this week, he won’t be able to do it at the efficiency of Army’s offense.

“You can never simulate the speed of what they do. There’s a reason why they’re good at it and there’s a reason why they’re the No. 1 rushing team in the country,” Flood said. “But I think we’re doing about as good a job as we’ve done here so I’m excited about that. That’ll give us an opportunity to do well on Saturday.”

Note: Flood said kicker Kyle Federico (hip) made some more progress today.

“Kyle kicked against a rush today for the first time, so he’s a little closer,” Flood said. “He’s not 100%. I think that was obvious to me on the field but just watching it on the field, but it is good that he’s at the point where he kicked against he rush which was good and we’ll see how he is tomorrow after doing.”

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