Ron Prince’s pro-style offense could give Rutgers new looks

By Matt Sugam

While Rutgers will have a new offensive play caller for the fourth time in four years with Ron Prince now at the helm, the philosophy – as expected it would when the search began – remains the same. A pro-style offense.

“I think what we are here at Rutgers and what we’ve recruited ourselves to be is a pro-style offense,” head coach Kyle Flood said.

However, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily mirror what Rutgers’ offense has been in years past. Prince – who ran a pro-style offense  as the head coach at Kansas State from 2006-2008 and offensive coordinator at Virginia from 2001-05 – has the same view of the future of Rutgers’ offense as Flood.

What that is will become more clear in spring practice. But it appears it will be multifaceted.

“Coach Flood and I have a shared vision of what the offense should look like and the flexibility that we would try to make sure to build going forward,” Prince said.

Part of that flexibility is running an offense that could have a variety of looks.

“As I’ve said in the past, that pro style offense can look a lot of different ways when it’s done in the right way,” Flood said, adding, “but my hope going forward – and I think this was one of the things Ron will really be able to bring to the table for us – is that Ron will be able to use all the personnel groups. You always want to get the ball in the hands of the better playmakers in your offense and I think we’ll see more of that going forward.”

While Prince hasn’t had time to delve deeply into the tape, he did watch three of Rutgers’ games where at the East-West Shrine game while he coached right tackle R.J. Dill.

Despite only getting a limited observation of Rutgers’ personnel – which finished 104th nationally in total offense, 103rd in rushing and 96th in scoring – Prince liked what he saw.

“If you look at the competition, if you look at the landscape of college football, I’m very excited about this roster. I’m excited about our opportunities going forward,” Prince said. “It starts with the quarterback position and the offensive line and all the way out to the playmaking position, but we’re very excited about the personnel here and we know that we have some work to do to help these young men be the best that they can be.”

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