Ray Rice reflects on playing Anthony Davis in the Super Bowl

By Matt Sugam

Despite going against Anthony Davis in the Super Bowl, Ray Rice isn’t cutting ties with his college teammate for the next two weeks.

“We spoke already,” Rice told Chris Carlin and Adam Schein on SNY’s Loudmouths.

After all, Davis helped pave the way for Rice to become Rutgers’ all-time leading rusher in the All-Pro running back’s final season.

“That’s still my brother,” Rice said. “We played in college together and we shed blood sweat and tears together and that’s always going to last forever.”

There was no smack talk in their conversation was. They simply reflected on being on how far they’ve come since their college days now that they’re playing in the biggest game of their life.

“I was telling him how honestly we all want to go out there and win, but win lose or draw, look at where we both came from in life,” Rice said. “We’ll both be looked at in a different way after we play in the super bowl and something we can always bring back to our community, our families and we can embrace the moment of look at where we came from and look at where we are.”

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