Ray Rice doesn’t mind that the Ravens are underdogs in the Super Bowl

By Matt Sugam

Ray Rice feels like he’s been an underdog his whole life. Considering he’s done pretty well for himself in that rolethe former Rutgers running back is just fine with the fact that the Ravens are underdogs in the Super Bowl.

“People say maybe against the Broncos, people call it whatever you want without the pass we’d lose the game, but we went up there and dominated New England,” Rice told reporters Wednesday during Baltimore’s morning press availability. “No one is talking about how the Ravens dominated New England. We outscored them 21-0 in the second half.

“That was the way to get into the championship because we didn’t want that feeling of them getting close to coming back. That was the only way to get over what happened last year.”

And being the underdog for the Super Bowl just makes the All-Pro running back hungrier in the biggest game of his life.

“Being the underdog just feels like you have something to prove,” Rice said. “If you always put yourself at the top, the only way you can go is down. Being the underdog, you have to climb and get to the top, and the only way you can get to the top is winning the Super Bowl.”

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