Quanzell Lambert enjoying his move to the “R” position

Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – In the middle of spring practice, Quanzell Lambert was moved from middle linebacker to rush end in certain packages. Looking good there, the coaches had him play at the “R” position in the spring game.

Early the next week, he was summoned to the coach’s office in the Hale Center.

“After the spring game, a few days later I saw the coaches and we had a conversation and they said they watched film and everything and I looked pretty solid at the position,” Lambert told SNY.tv.

Add in the fact that Steve Longa had moved to middle linebacker and the coaches had liked what they saw thus far, it made more sense for Lambert to put his hand in the dirt full-time.

“It’s better for the team to make some moves and put some people in better positions to win,” Lambert said was the coaching staff’s message.

Lambert feels the position switch has been great for both him and the team. While there are some obstacles to overcome when switching from linebacker to defensive end, Lambert’s had a pretty smooth transition.

“It wasn’t tough,” Lambert said. “It has its challenges and its differences from playing linebacker because you’re now in front of the action instead of watching it from a distance, so you’re instinct has to be much quicker than a linebacker who has five yards to read a gap scheme, where as a lineman, you have to read a gap scheme as soon as the ball moves.”

While Lambert only had training camp to do so, he also knows that he couldn’t rush the processes of acclimating himself to a new position.

“The hardest part is probably just trying to be patient and learning it,” Lambert said. “Because I’m pretty much in a rush of trying to learn things and trying to play more, so I’m just trying pick everything up faster, not taking too much time, and having a feel for it rather than just trying to go out and do it.”

Comfortable at the position, Lambert admits it’s still a learning process. But overall, he’s enjoying his new assignment.

“I like the stunts and everything,” Lambert said. “And having the feel of going to go get the quarterback and just having that hungry attitude.”

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