On the eve of the Russell Athletic Bowl, Rutgers refocuses

By Matt Sugam

Dan Bracaglia/SNY.tvOn the eve of the Russell Athletic Bowl, after a week of bowl activities that included a shopping spree at Best Buy and a trip to Disney World, Rutgers now must refocus on what their trip to Orlando is really all about. Winning a bowl game.

“We get to this point in bowl week and bowl prep, it’s not so much concern, it’s just reminders to the players that now you have to turn the page, flip the switch, whatever your expression is and put yourself in your pregame rituals,” Flood said in his final press conference before the game. “Whatever the things are you do 24 to 36 hours before a game to get your body and your mind ready to play a division I major college football game against a really good opponent, those are the things you need to do now and take your mind off of all of the enjoyable experiences you may have had.”

And make one more enjoyable one with a victory.

“We have a three to three and a half hour window of time tomorrow where we get to be the 2012 football team one more time,” Flood said. “And we want to make sure we give ourselves everyone opportunity to go 1-0 when we do that.”

By doing so, Rutgers would have a 10 win season, for just the third team in school history. Something that would help this years’ team solidify it’s spot as one of the all-time greats at Rutgers.

“It will be one more way of separating from some of the teams in the past,” Flood said. “Winning a share of the Big East Title for the first time in the history of the university, they‘ve already separated themselves. They’ve put themselves in a class nobody else is in.

“But I think when you have an opportunity as a team and as a football program to win 10 games, you need to take advantage of those opportunities.”

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