Old Big East’s new name likely unveiled this weekend and have “American” in it

By Matt Sugam

The old Big East has to pick a new name by May 2. Ideally, they’ll have one by the end of the work week.

The Final Four is this weekend and there are two current Big East teams in it with  Louisville and Syracuse. In turn, there is increasing pressure on Commissioner Mike Aresco to announce a new name for the conference in Atlanta.

While a name hasn’t been settled on yet, it will likely have “American” in it. According to Mark Blaudshun, “The American Athletic Conference” or “The American Metro Conference” are two possibilities.

The name could be announced before Saturday’s Final Four semifinals.

After the Final Four, Big East officials will look for a venue for next year’s postseason basketball tournament. The candidates for next year are Memphis, Philadelphia, Hartford, Cincinnati, Louisville.

Rutgers will be in the conference for a year before heading to the Big Ten in 2014.

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