Mark Harrison sits out of Rutgers’ Pro Day with a foot injury

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – Mark Harrison’s Pro Day ended before it even began. The former Rutgers wide receiver hurt his foot training yesterday forcing him to sit out of Rutgers’ Pro Day.

“It’s nothing major,” Harrison said. “Just doing drills. I’m going to see a doctor today to get it cleared up.”

Harrison was hoping to showcase his skills for NFL scouts once again after impressive combine results. However, he’s not stressing over something he can’t control.

“Things happen. It’s part of the game. Guys get injured left and right. So I’m not really disappointed,” Harrison said. ”I’m more excited for my guys to showcase their talents and stand for what we believe in and that’s family and they’re standing with me while I’m not out there.”

So while Harrison felt he could improve on his combine results, like running a 40-yard dash in the 4.3s, he’s content with what he did in Indianapolis.

“I definitely feel confident in what I did,” Harrison said. “I left everything out there and that’s all I can ask for myself, and knowing I did that I feel confident.”

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