Marcus Thompson ready for increased role on Rutgers defense

Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – Senior Marcus Thompson is preparing himself to be one of Rutgers’ starting defensive ends this year. He talked about that and more with

Q: How different is it from last year? I know you played a lot last year, but it’s a different role for you this year.

A: Definitely. It’s definitely a lot more running, covering, a lot more responsibility.

Q: I know your stats weren’t huge last year, but you talk to other guys on the d-line and they say you caused a lot of havoc. Are you going to be more of a playmaker where it shows up in the numbers now that you’re at the “R” position?

A: I’d say both. Causing havoc and making more plays, because with the more responsibility that I have, there’s more plays I can make.

Q: What are the added responsibilities that you have?

A: Just like covering tight ends, dropping into coverage. Just doing different aspects of the position.

Q: What about the d-line in general? Head coach Kyle Flood said he thinks you guys can be the best d-line in the American Athletic Conference. Is that the goal for you guys?

A: Definitely. Yeah, that’s a goal for us. Just a goal for us as a team in general, but as a d-line, we want to be the best d-line in the conference and in the nation. That’s our goal and we have a standard and expectation to be.

Q: Do you guys feel like you have to be with all the inexperience behind you?

A: Definitely. Always. We feel like we are the energy of the defense and we got to bring the defense and we’re the front. We always got to bring the physicality and aggression to the game and get everyone else hyped.

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