Kyle Flood pleased with the development of several of Rutgers’ freshmen

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – As Rutgers wraps up their development stage of bowl prep and beginnings preparing for Virginia Tech, full-time on Tuesday, Kyle Flood is pleased with the progress out of the younger players in the past week.

“I’ve seen some of the younger players and the bowl prep has really given me an opportunity to put my eyes on them a little bit more and when you see them out there scrimmaging, it looks more like football,” Flood said. “I don’t know if it quite looks like football yet, but we’re a lot closer than we were earlier in the year.”

And the first year head coach is pleased with the progress of several of the 17 freshmen that redshirted this season.

“There’s absolutely a couple of guys that caught my eye,” Flood said. “Julian Pinnix-Odrick at defensive end. I think he’s got a bright future for us in some of these workouts.  A guy like [offensive linemen] Derrick Nelson and Chris Mueller. I thought early on they were a little bit ahead and I think that’s still the case of the other guys on the offensive line. I think Quanzell [Lambert] and Steve [Longa] at linebacker have done a nice job, so that’s been exciting.”

There have also been several freshmen that have given Flood a glimpse of their potential.

“I’ve seen flashes of other things,” Flood said. “A guy like Jevon Tyree at corner, I see a flash of him yesterday at a play when he comes up and makes a tackle playing corner. [Defensive back] Davon Jacobs appears to be a guy that will strike you when given the opportunity and I think he’s someone who will play a lot of football for us in the future. And I think in their own way most of these guys have shown me something that has me very optimistic.”

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