Kyle Flood undertaking extra responsibilities as a first-time head coach at a bowl game

By Matt Sugam

Dan Bracaglia/SNY.tvAs Rutgers wrapped up their first bowl practice in Orlando for the Russell Athletic Bowl, head coach Kyle Flood had gotten through the first 24 hours of being the head coach at a bowl game for the first time. And the football has been the easy part of the first-year head coach.

“Really the practices don’t feel any different during the season,” Flood said at his post-practice press conference. “That part of it doesn’t change.”

However outside of practice, Flood is delving into uncharted territory.

“I think your bowl experience as the head coach is a little bit different,” Flood said. “There’s a couple more functions that you need to attend. There’s certainly a few more interviews that you need to do and a few more pictures that get taken.”

But Flood has enjoyed the extra responsibilities that have come with being the head man at a bowl game.

“It certainly was a really enjoyable experience for me as an assistant coach and this has been a great experience,” Flood said. “I can’t imagine it to be a better place to spend my first bowl experience as a head coach then down here in Orlando with a group that puts on a two games a year and does everything first class. ”

Note: Flood  said kicker Nick Borgese had a stiff back but Kyle Federico (hip) – who hasn’t played since the UConn game – looked good and hit a 47-yard field goal. Taj Alexander and Andre Civil will split time at right guard to start the game.

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