Kyle Flood Reacts To The Rutgers To The Big Ten Talks

By Matt Sugam

As stories citing anonymous sources that Rutgers and Maryland are in talks with the Big 10 to join the conference circulated yesterday, Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood’s reaction to them is simple.

Pay it no mind.

“I’ve heard an awful lot of things the last eight years, and I’ve come to realize that the best thing for me to do is really not react to it,” Flood said on his Sunday conference call with reporters. “Those types of decisions and that type of stuff I leave in the hands of [athletic director] Tim Pernetti and the athletic department and I know that they’re going to make sure that regardless of what happens that we’ll be in a good place.”

This season in the Big East, the football team is in as good of a place as they’ve ever been. With two games left, they sit alone atop the Big East standings, controlling their own destiny to the school’s first Big East Title. So the question is, does this become a distraction?

“I don’t think so. It’s certainly nothing that impacts us this year. It’s not even a topic of conversation with us with the team,” Flood said. “We have a really great challenge ahead of us this week in going to Pitt and trying to be 1-0 and anything that may or may not happen down the road in terms of conference affiliation, that’s not going to have an affect on us this year.”

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