Kyle Flood opens up about Rutgers’ move to the Big Ten

By Matt Sugam

Dan Bracaglia/

PISCATAWAY – When Rutgers first moved to the Big Ten, Kyle Flood stayed mum. Instead, he kept the focus on Rutgers’ game at Pitt and wouldn’t discuss anything other than then that. But as Rutgers wrapped up thier bowl practices in Piscataway, the first-year head coach opened up about the monumental move.

“Certainly all of our thoughts are based more on recruiting and the affect it has for us as we talk to the high school players we’re recruiting right now,” Flood said. “And all the feedback has been very positive.”

And the reason for that is simple. High school football players know they’ll be competing on the highest level and for a chance to win the National Championship in the new playoff system in 2014.

“What that conference has done for us aside from the prestige of playing in the Big Ten and having the opportunity to play in a Big Ten Championship game and play hopefully in the future in that four game playoff knowing in the back of your mind maybe a two loss Big Ten team doesn’t get into that four game playoff, you’re still playing in the Rose Bowl,” Flood said. “It eliminates a lot of questions.”

Questions – like if they’ll get in an invite to the playoffs or a BCS bid – that have a lot of grim answers in the Big East.

“I don’t think that there’s any way to quantify it. I think what it does is it puts you in a situation where you know exactly what your future holds,” Flood said. “And when you’re out there recruiting and getting ready to compete in those games it makes those conversations a lot more direct then what they were in the past.”

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