Kyle Flood discusses Rutgers’ flagged fake field goal

By Matt Sugam

Flood 2Last night’s game shifted dramatically on one play. Rutgers’ Devon Watkis was flagged for being an ineligible receiver down field, wiping of the the touchdown on the fake field goal off the board. A methodical touchdown drive by Louisville, followed by a fumble on the ensuing kickoff and another touchdown by the Cardinals on the next play capped off a 21-point swing.

The flag on the fake field goal is two fold. Did D.C. Jefferson’s timing on the route get altered and Watkis still think it was no longer going to be a pass play?

“Was the timing of the play off a little bit because D.C. got grabbed? Yeah, it was,” head coach Kyle Flood said in his day after the game teleconference. “But I think the lineman being downfield was more of a result of him thinking [J.T.] Tartacoff was going to run and he was trying to hustle and make a block and unfortunately it hurt us.”

There’s also been debate if Watkis – or any Rutgers player – was an ineligable reciver down field. The other candidate for the penalty could have been Paul Carrezola .

“I think he [the official] said 71 [Watkis],” Flood said. “And I have to believe what they said.”

Note: Cornerback Brandon Jones suffered a lower body injury and Flood didn’t give particularly uplifting news about the fifth-year senior’s status.

“I’m concerned about Brandon Jones, I would say that,” Flood said. “We really got to get a read on Brandon and see what his availability would be during preparation for the bowl game.”

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