Kyle Flood breaks down Rutgers’ recruiting class

By Matt Sugam

Kyle Flood held his National Signing Day press conference today and broke down each of the 22 players in the 2013. Here’s the list of players and what Flood had to say about them:

Nick Arcidiacono, TE
 6-5, 230 
Holland, Pa./Archbishop Wood

“When you watch Nick’s film what you see is kind of a hybrid tight end, H[alf]back type of guy. He plays on the line, he’s strong, he’s tough. He plays on defense. But he’s also somebody that can play in the backfield and does a good job catching the ball out of the backfield.”

*Dontea Ayres, RB 
5-9, 205 
Salisbury, Md./Wicomico

“A big, physical, thick running back. Someone that sat out his senior year because of an injury but is 100% right now. Somebody that we fully expect to compete this spring at a position where we have a starter in Savon Huggins, but behind him we really don’t have a proven running back. We have some talented players that we feel real good about, but Dantea Ayres is going to come in and immediately have an opportunity to compete this spring which I think is going to be a positive for everybody.”

*Nadir Barnwell, CB 
5-11, 190

“One of the more dynamic players in our state…We really feel is going to go on and do some exceptional things. Somebody in high school who did a little bit of everything, from quarterback, to special teams, to the secondary and we feel somebody who can come in here and help us immediately in the secondary and he’ll have an opportunity to do that. Now he did have shoulder surgery after the season ended this year that will allow him to participate in spring, but in a non-contact fashion, so he will do some excellent learning and really get acclimated to the types of drills we do here, but the contact portion he will not get until the fall, and that’s when he will really get an opportunity to compete.”

Devan Carter, FB 
6-2, 230 
Rochester, N.Y./Brighton

“A big running back and a one-back type of running back and somebody that we think certainly is talented and a threat when he has the ball in his hands, but also somebody who we think can evolve and do some of the things at the fullback position that we need behind Michael Burton. As I’ve said, the depth at that position is a concern for me and we needed to add somebody to the list here that could help us and strengthen that position.”

Anthony Cioffi, DB
 6-0, 180 
Springfield/Jonathan Dayton

“Somebody who’s going to have an opportunity to come in here to compete and play corner for us. Anthony’s an exceptional athlete. Extremely fast. Documented hundred meter times are very impressive, but I also got a chance this fall to see Anthony play basketball and an excellent all around athlete and an elite competitor.”

Justin Goodwin, RB
 6-0, 180 

“One of the top running backs in our state. All-State running back. Has led his team to two undefeated State Championship seasons the last two years and because the school maybe is a smaller school, I don’t know how well known he is outside of New Jersey, but I think the people that have had to compete against him can tell you he’s extremely elusive, a very natural runner – a bit of a slasher…He’s going to have an opportunity to compete to be in the depth at running back.”

Janarion Grant, WR 
5-11, 170 
Trilby, Fla./Pasco

“An electric special teams player on film, but that’s not where his skill set stops…He will be a threat to make a play every time he touches the ball. He is the Player of the Year in his area down there and somebody that I think can immediately have an impact for us on special teams and he may have a chance to have an impact for us at the receiver position. A very talented young man that’s exceptional with the ball in his hands.”

Bryant Gross-Armiento, DB
 6-1, 190 
Sunrise, Fla./American Heritage

“He’s another player in the secondary who’s going to have an opportunity to compete.”

Nick Internicola, DE 
6-3, 230
 Pembroke Pines, Fla./University

“He is extremely aggressive, physical defensive end. A relentless defensive player and really fits the mold of what a Rutgers football defensive player is and we’re excited to get him onto campus this summer.”

Sebastian Joseph, DT
 6-4, 270
 Stroudsburg, Pa./Stroudsburg

“He’s an exciting player. A really exciting player to watch on film…We think he’s going to be a little big bigger as he goes through his career and he will be a legitimate pass rusher at that position and hopefully somebody that can continue in the line of Eric Foster, Justin Francis. Hopefully he can give us that ability to rush the passer at that position.”

Josh Klecko, DT
 6-2, 260 
Colts Neck/Red Bank Catholic

“Certainly a familiar name for people in this area, but I think his resume stands on its own. Josh is an excellent addition to our team, our university and our defense and probably somebody who is as perfectly suited to play the nose gaurd position in our defense as anyone I’ve seen on high school tape and constantly in the backfield on the game film that we’ve watched. A player maker at the position. Not just somebody who takes on blocks, but he’s able to get off blocks and run to the football. A very high-motor guy as well and somebody we think is going to have an excellent career here.”

*Chris Laviano, QB 
6-3, 200 
Glen Head, N.Y./Holy Trinity

“He’s a special football player and I think in ever class it is critical to get a quarterback who you feel can compete and can lead your program.”

*Lester Liston, LB
 6-2, 235 
Grand Blanc, Mich./Grand Blanc (Hargrave Military Aacdemy)

“A very impressive player on tape. A very physical linebacker. Somebody who runs to the ball very well…He is a player that’s not only going to have an opportunity to compete for a starting job this spring, but also be in the rotation to play special teams. His body type should be able to to a lot for us in our defense with all of our packages and then certainly on special teams.”

Taylor Marini, TE
 6-4, 225
 Oviedo, Fla./Lake Mary Prep

“A tight end cut in the same mold as Sam Johnson. He’s that type of player. He’s a strong on the line blocker. In his spare time in the past he has wrestled alligators…Excellent hands, runs good routes, but a physical, strong on the line blocker that I think is going to get a little bigger while he’s here.”

Dorian Miller, OL
 6-3, 295 

“Dorian is exactly the type of offensive lineman that we want to recruit here. He is a physical, aggressive, strong, inside player and somebody that because of where he’s at from a strength perspective right now, should be able to come in and help add depth at an early age.”

Myles Nash, LB
 6-5, 205
 Sicklerville/Timber Creek

“A big athlete and somebody that we think is going to play outside or SAM linebacker here, but also a player that should be able to do a lot of things. He’s a good pass rusher. His body type should make him a good special teams player.”

Andre Patton, WR 
6-4, 195 
Wilmington, Del./St. Elizabeth

“I think is going to compete at a very early age for playing time. He is a spectacular athlete…He’s an excellent football player. Somebody who seems to get a little bit bigger every time I see him.”

*Delon Stephenson, CB 
5-11, 190 
Sayreville/Sayreville (Milford Academy)

“Somebody who is going to have an opportunity to compete at the corner position and I think that that’s critical…Just to see how he’s grown physically over the last year, we can’t wait to get to spring practice with him to see how much he can do for us and how soon he can do it.”

T.J. Taylor, DB
 6-3, 190 
Kendall Park/South Brunswick

“He’s a safety. He is a long body. He is somebody that is still growing into his body. He’s an excellent player on high school film and he’s one of those guys that could be 20 pounds bigger in a year and a half because he’s just in the beginning stages of I think what his body is going to be. Runs really well…It’ll be interesting to see how fast we can get him in the depth competing with the other safeties in our program to see what he can do for us at an early age.”

John Tsimis, WR 
6-0, 175 
Harrington Park/Bergen Catholic

“John did not play as a senior due to a knee injury. As a junior I think he had a spectacular amount of highlights…As good a football player as you will see on film. An elite competitor and when he gets here he will be somebody that is going to be able to compete right away with the other receivers because I have not seen a ball that he has dropped yet. He has tremendous hands. We’re really excited to have him.”

Kemoko Turay, DE
 6-6, 220 

“A player who has not played a lot of football and this year he came back to football…I think he is a dynamic athlete and an explosive athlete…I am really excited about what he’d going to be and he is somebody that when he reaches his full potential, I think he can be a tremendous pass rusher and somebody that will be able to change the game at the defensive end position.”

Eric Wiafe, DE 
6-5, 250
 Egg Harbor Twp./Egg Harbor Twp.

“A big, big, strong defensive end who runs well to the football…The type of defensive lineman phsycially that we want to continue to recruit because he runs well to the ball, but at the same time we don’t have to sacrifice size to get him in our program ”

* Signifies early enrollee

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