Kyle Federico Out Saturday, Nick Borgese Continues To Impress

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – For the fourth straight game, Kyle Federico won’t kick. The freshman has been hampered with a hip injury and hasn’t seen the field since getting hurt against UConn.

Before the injury, Federico had an up and down season that included a 51-yard field goal at USF, but also only making six of 11 field goals. His replacement Nick Borgese is two for two with a 42-yard field goal, but also a missed extra point.

So that begs the question, can a player lose his job while he’s injured?

“I think it depends on the situation. I think it depends on the player, I think it depends on what their resume is,” head coach Kyle Flood “I think there are certain players that have earned the right that if they were to be injured and come back and be given an opportunity to be the starter as long as they proved they can do it in practice and that they’re 100 percent.

I think maybe players that body of work is not as big, I think that can happen because we’re at a point in the season where there’s only four games left and we have to do whatever’s in the best interest of the team to win these four games and then if we have to reopen a competion in the spring we can do that.”

And since Federico doesn’t have a big body of work, does that mean he can lose his job before he gets healthy?

“Right now and I think Nick has done a good job, so there’s not reason to put Kyle out there if he’s not 100%. If we feel like he’s 100% this Saturday, I don’t know if that would change my decision. It probably wouldn’t. I think Borgese would still be our starting kicker,” Flood said.
“What it may do is it may open up things for next week, but those are things we won’t handle until Sunday.”

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