Khaseem Greene Ready To Face Off Against Ray Graham One Last Time

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – Khaseem Greene knew what questions that were coming from any reporter this week long before the tape recorders went on. It’s the week of the Pittsburgh game. The week he plays his half brother Ray Graham on the college stage.

For the fourth time.

So it’s no surprise that Greene’s grown tiresome of the same old questions for the past four years. It’s also no shocker he gives the same stock answers he has the past four years. But what does one expect him to do? Change his answers this time around?

He enjoys playing his brother. It’s a dream come true that festered in their heads as young boys in the back yard. They don’t change their routine of talking to each other each week as they prepare. They don’t talk trash on the gridiron. And Greene always wants to see Graham do well. Except when he plays Rutgers.

“When I’m on the field, I’m a competitor, so at the end of the day, brother, father, mom, I want to win. I don’t really think about those things,” Greene said. “It’s not until after the play when I get up and yell and he says something it’s like ‘oh yeah, that was the little brother.

It’s one of those type of things. I’m conscious – I know that it’s my brother, but I’m going to try and hit him like he’s going to make me miss…like anyone else in the country.”

Still, this is the last time the two will play each other on the collegiate level. Still, Greene’s mentality hasn’t changed since their first rodeo four years ago.

“It’s the same man. It’s a game. Nothing nobody can build it up extra to be it’s not,” Greene said. “It’s a game. “

Even Greene’s head coach doesn’t see a difference in his stud linebacker on the week he plays his younger brother.

“I think he approaches this game like they have a really talented running back on the other side,” Kyle Flood said. “Happens to be his brother, but talented nonetheless.”

However, Greene knows this one major difference this time around. Last season, the two emerged as two of the top players in the conference. Which is quite the contrast from their first meeting.

“The first time we were fresh. We were young. We weren’t the quote unquote big name guys that we are now,” Greene said. “From that sense it’s different, but like I said, every game is the same and that’s how we approach. And this one is not bigger than the other one except that we’ve established who we are and what we can do.”

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