Kenny Britt’s lawyer explains why he won’t talk to police again

By Matt Sugam

On Friday, it was reported that Jersey City Police wanted to talk to Kenny Britt again about his friend that was stabbed and the ensuing gunshots at the location later that night now that they apprehended and charged a suspect as the stabber.

But once again, Britt doesn’t want to talk with police. And his lawyer – who’s said there’s no chance Britt would be charged with anything – explained why today.

“They had every opportunity to ask any question they wanted,” Britt’s attorney, Robert Lane, said to the Jersey Journal. ” He was asked to come and he did. He went in with his attorney and we answered all their questions. He told them what he knew and didn’t know…and now he is moving on with his life.”

That’s all well and good, but for a guy who’s had nine runs in with the law in his three year NFL career, you’d think he’d want to be as cooperative with law enforcement as possible as he looks to clean up his image.

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