Kenny Britt Thankful God Spoke to Roger Goodell

By Matt Sugam

Roger Goodell is not only the Commissioner of the NFL, but apparently he can also hear  God.

While Goodell didn’t see a burning bush, Kenny Britt credits his one game suspension for his DUI in July to a higher power.

“It’s a gift from God that it’s only a week. I’m just happy that God spoke to him (Goodell) and put the right thing in his heart and I’ll move forward. It’s definitely a relief,” Britt told  reports after the Titans final preseason game.

While the Titans general manager Ruston Webster didn’t credit a higher power, he’s happy his star wide receiver was only docked for one game.

“One game is one game too many, and Kenny knows that,” Ruston told “But it’s nice to have it behind us.”

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