Kenny Britt meets with police following stabbing incident

By Matt Sugam

After being uncooperative with police for almost four days, Titans wide reciever Kenny Britt has met with police a day after his father Jack said his son was cooperating with law enforcement.

Britt met with Jersey City police to talk about the incident where Britt dropped off a friend who was stabbed at the Jersey City Medical Center follwing an argument. A gun shot has was heard a the location of the stabbing a few hours later around the same time Britt returned to pick up a friend.

“He came in, and that’s all I can tell you,” Jersey City Police Captain Edgar Martinez told the Tennessean. “The investigation is still going on.”

While the investigation is ongoing, Britt’s attorney Robert Lane said his client would not be arrested.

“They told me there was no chance, zero chance,” Lane said. “That’s what they told me. It is an investigation and Kenny is not a suspect in it.”

Since being drafted by the Titans in 2009, the former Rutgers star has nine run-ins with the law, five of which occurred in New Jersey.

“I don’t think he got a fair shake here by any stretch of the imagination, and it’s not the first time,” Lane said. “If you have something in your past, it just seems you become a target or something. Kenny wasn’t involved in this. There was an incident in a location he just happened to be at. So why is he being vilified?

“Kenny told them exactly what he knows and who was there. I think they have a pretty good handle on it now.’’

According to Lane, the argument that lead to the stabbing “had nothing to do with Kenny.” Britt was just at the dinner party where the fight broke out.

“But Kenny was not an eyewitness to the actual stabbing,” Lane said. “Kenny is not a suspect in that and they know it.”

However, the Bayonne, NJ native has checkered past which has raised questions.

“Sometimes you get a reputation and you are a victim or a witness and all of a sudden there’s reports in the newspaper trying to make the guy look like he is hiding something that he is not,” Lane said. “With 100 percent certainty, Kenny (was not the shooter). He wasn’t there.”

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