Jawan Jamison Close To Being 100%

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – When Jawan Jamison takes the field at Pitt on Saturday, his sprained ankle won’t be nearly as tender as it was at Cincinnati after injuring it against Army.

“Way better,” Jamison said after today’s practice when asked how he was feeling. “I’m like 95% right now. Just getting over that hump of being mentally not scared of doing something, but I did really good today. I felt really good today.”

Which is good considering head coach Kyle Flood didn’t see the same back he had all year in his season-low four carry, 37 yard performance.

“I think he was able to be effective last Saturday,” Flood said. “But when you watch him, he wasn’t the same back he was earlier in the year.”

And Jamison feels like he’s almost back to his old self.

“I’m getting my strength back and I was able to display that out on the field today cutting and running and stuff,” Jamison said.

All the while looking like he’ll crack the 1,000 yard plateu, sitting just 10 yards away. But despite being on the verge of becoming just the third running back to do that at Rutgers in the past 36 years, it’s not something Jamison is on Jamison’s mind.

“I’m almost there, but I’m not going to focus on that. I’m focused on getting this win, but I’m close to it,” Jamison said. “I’m getting there.”

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