Jason McCourty now has to pay up on lost bet as the McCourty twins raise money for sickle cell

Matt Sugam

In their first annual 5K walk to raise money for sickle cell awareness, Devin and Jason McCourty couldn’t have asked for a better day between the sunny skies and the turnout at Liberty State Park in Jersey City yesterday.

“It was a great day,” Devin told SNY.tv. “Loved every part of it and the amount of people that came up to say thank you really made us feel like we were helping.”

As they will continue to do in the years to come with their organization with Embrace the Kids Foundation to fight sickle cell, Tackle Sickle Cell.

“The day was awesome. To hear people come up and either say they have sickle cell or have a loved one that was affected, and tell us thank you was a blessed feeling,” Jason said. “I’m looking forward to it every year.”

This year however, Jason isn’t looking forward to what’s to come next.

Losing a friendly wager with bet based on who could raise more money, Jason now has to pay up by going to Foxboro and be the Patriots mascot.

“I’m just not looking forward to dressing up as Pat Patriot,” Jason said.

Devin on the other hand will thoroughly enjoy his win.

“I can’t wait for J-Mac to come to Foxboro,” Devin said. “And like always, when we get together it will be a great time and people will get to come hang with us.”

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