Hurricane Sandy Cancels No. 25 Rutgers Practice

By Matt Sugam

The bye week really couldn’t have come at a better time for Rutgers. Not only does it come before the last quarter of the season, and after they were embarrassed at home by Kent State, but hurricane Sandy is ripping through New Jersey and has canceled Rutgers’ practice today.

“We’ve got a couple of different challenges,” head coach Kyle Flood said of the hurricane on the Big East teleconference. “We’ve canceled all of our activities for the day to keep everybody safe and we thought that was the best thing to do. It’s really not safe for the players and the program to be traveling.”

Flood hopes it will be safe enough tomorrow. While the University will be closed, Flood hopes he can get his players to the Hale Center to review the film from the Kent State game for the first time.

However if they’ll be able to practice on the field remains to be seen. On Sunday — which the players were given off — Rutgers deflated the practice bubble. Flood is unsure if it will be back up and running tomorrow. In turn, the plans are still fluid.

“Tomorrow we were going to practice originally,” Flood said. “But right now if I had to make a decision, right now we’re not going to be able to do that and what we’ll do is we’ll try and bring the players in the afternoon and get a chance to look at the film and lift and run in the weight room and then get back on the practice field Wednesday morning.”

Even with practice time being infringed, Flood isn’t worried about not getting done everything he wants his team to get done this week.

“We’ll get done all the things we planned to get done as we go through the rest of the week,” Flood said. “And make sure everybody is safe in the meantime.”

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