Greg Schiano owes $300,000 on Piscataway house

By Matt Sugam

It’s been almost a year since Greg Schiano bolted Rutgers for the NFL and he’s still not done paying for it.

Schiano’s house in Piscataway is still on the market and he has to pay $300,000 by January 26 for the unsold property according to Bloomberg.

The house is on the market for $1.95 to $2.3 million. Schinao bought the land from Rutgers for $800,000 to build the house which is a couple minutes from the Hale Center.

Schiano owed $100,000 for each season he remained at Rutgers with the remaining money due when he left. University spokesperson EJ Miranda told Bloomberg it was $300,000.

Schiano had a $550,000 buyout in his contract when he left which the Bucs paid for. As for paying off the rest of the loan on the house, Schiano declined to comment to Bloomberg though a Bucs spokesman.

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