Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter talks Rutgers at weekly press conference

Matt Sugam

Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter held his weekly press/teleconference today.

Here’s what he had to say about Rutgers:

Opening statement:

“Really excited to play the defending Big East Champions. A team very very similar to us. Won nine games a year ago with a first-year head coach. They’re a very physical team and we know it’s a big big challenge. And them coming to Bulldog Stadium – we like the fact that they’re here.”

On Rutgers wide receiver Brandon Coleman:

“Any time you get a receiver with that kind of length and that kind of speed, it creates concerns. The concern we have is that with a new [offensive] coordinator [Ron Prince], we’re not sure exactly how they’re going to isolate him and we’ll probably have to do some adjusting on Thursday. But if you go to what they did a year ago, we’re going to see a pro-style offense with a heavy run offense. Again, a very very physical team, and try to isolate him down the field and he’s been a guy who’s made a tremendous number of plays for them down the field. He can go up and catch the ball. He’s got great speed. We’re going to try and double him where we can, but you have to pick your spots because they are a very good running team. So we’ll have to mix it up and see how it goes.”

On relationship with head coach Kyle Flood:

“I met him last year in New York for the Hall of Fame dinner. Seemed like a great guy. Once I met him, I was kind of a little upset because I realized they’re going to be good because this guy is sharp. He did a heck of a job in his first year and he’s got Rutgers poised for great things.”

On opening up against a quality opponent like Rutgers:

“I think the thing that happened with having Rutgers to open up with – it gave our guys an edge in the offseason that they knew that we better be ready at the jump. You get up in the middle of June and it’s hot outside, but you know Rutgers is going to be here. There’s no easing into a season. There is no preseason. So having that has really helped us. I’m glad we have a veteran group coming back. I’d be a little bit more nervous if we were in a situation where we were replacing 15 starters as opposed to bringing 15 starters back. But anytime you get a BCS team to come to Bulldog Stadium, I think it’s huge and hopefully our fans with respond and fill it and put a little bit of pressure on them.”

On Rutgers’ defensive front:

“Our staff of course all summer has been looking at Rutgers and we probably started maybe two weeks ago showing our players tape. Our guys realize this is a very talented, very well coached team. You look at them last year – I think they were fourth in the country in scoring defense, 10th in scoring defense. They’re particularly strong against the run. You heard coach Flood talk the other day that that’s where they start and most sound defenses, that’s what they do. Try and get you in to predictable throwing situations where they can tee-off on guys. Our charge is to keep them off balance and throw when they’re expecting run and run when they’re expecting throw. If we can do that and keep things fluid and use our tempo, I think we’ll have a shot.”

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