Eric LeGrand To Participate In The Coin Toss At The Bucs-Giants Game

By Matt Sugam

When Eric LeGrand returns to the MetLife Stadium on Sunday — the place he was paralyzed almost two years ago — the former Rutgers defense tackle plans to figure out which 25-yard line he was injured on and make his mark.

“I might have to do a few doughnuts in my wheelchair around the spot,” LeGrand told Mike Garafolo¬†of the USA Today. “And have fun.”

LeGrand signed an honorary contract with the Buccaneers to make his NFL dreams come true thanks to his former coach Greg Schiano. With the Bucs playing the Giants on Sunday, LeGrand will be in attendance to cheer on his team. But that’s not all he’ll be doing.

LeGrand told Garafolo that he’d be participating in the coin toss.

As for his recovery, LeGrand’s inspirational story took another step forward. The Avenel, N.J. native told Garafolo that in recent weeks he’s now sitting upright¬†“like I’m sitting against a wall, which is insane and it feels good.” It’s also a stark contrast “slouchy” posture he used to have in his wheelchair.

He’s also having an increase in twitches and contractions throughout his body.

“I still have these twitches going on in my fingers and my arms and have all little contractions through my muscles, throughout my entire body,” LeGrand said. “I can’t feel them, but with the tests I’ve done, you can feel there’s contractions going on.”

While he was speaking with Garafolo, LeGrand had one of those involuntary twitches.

“As we were just speaking, I moved my middle finger a little bit,” LeGrand said. “My left middle finger just started twitching.”

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