David Rowe pursuing an NFL career after a year off

By Matt Sugam

After four years of playing football at Rutgers, David Rowe decided to call it a career rather than play in the NFL despite being projected as a draftable safety. Instead, he got into coaching, doing so at the high school level.

But after a year of not playing, Rowe has decided to pursue an NFL career according to ScarletNation.com.

“I just miss it,” Rowe said. “You don’t think you will until you’re out for two months, but then you do.”

Which is why Rowe has been training six days a week and will participate in Rutgers’ Pro Day in hopes of getting a chance at the NFL.

“I’ve been doing a lot, just trying to get stronger,” Rowe said. “And probably in these next three months, I’ll work on my explosiveness. The main thing for me was just getting stronger and doing a lot of yoga to try and help my back out.”

And hopefully get a shot at the NFL so he can play football again.

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