Brandon Jones Played Through Partially Fractured Tibia Last Season

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – At the beginning of last season, Brandon Jones was faced with a choice. Hold off on surgery until the offseason and play with a partially fractured tibia, or have surgery and end his season.

“I said, ‘well can I play?’ and they [the trainers] said ‘we think you can play.‘” Jones said. ”And I just decided to play.”

Doing so took it’s toll. The injury got progressively worse as the season went on.

“By the end of the season it was 75 percent  fractured,” Jones revealed today. “So I was just trying to get to the end of the season. Get through it.”

He did. Jones started all 13 games at cornerback opposite Logan Ryan last season, recording 39 tackles, two sacks, two interceptions and a blocked field goal.

And as much as the physical ailment affected Jones — who said he might be the healthiest he’s been in is career — it was the mental pain that pushed him through.

“It hurt more not practicing and doing things than the actual pain that I was going through so just doing it for the guys — my brothers on this team,” Jones said. “Just being there for them was more important than the pain that I was going through.”

The result was a rollercoaster ride of a season for Jones. Just getting through the practice week could be a struggle.

“Throughout the season there were ups and downs. I’d say the practices were the hardest because you didn’t have any medicine, but the games were probably the easier part because of the medicine,” Jones said. “It was painful, but it was worth it.”

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