Boise State’s Departure leaves Rutgers with scheduling questions

By Matt Sugam

Dan Bracaglia/SNY.tvBoise State decided to ring in the New Year by rescinding their invitation to the Big East and remain the Mountain West. In turn, Rutgers has lost a game in their schedule.

The Big East conference schedule was announced on December 11 with to be determined dates, but it will now have to be revised with Boise State bolting and San Diego State expecting to do the same. If the Aztecs leave, the Big East will got from 12 schools down to 10.

According to the Star-Ledger, the Big East is considering to scrapping their two-division set up and conference championship game. Instead, the remaining members would play eight league games instead of seven.

“We are disappointed that Boise State has decided not to join the Big East Conference,” Big East commissioner Mike Aresco said. “The conference is comprised of a group of superb institutions with outstanding athletic programs. We look forward to a dynamic future with our new alignment beginning in 2013.”

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