Big Ten to subsidize Maryland’s travel expenses, not Rutgers’

By Matt Sugam

When Maryland joined the Big Ten, they struck a deal to have their multi-million dollar travel expenses subsidized by the conference, according to The Baltimore Sun.

While Rutgers will also see their travel budget increase, they won’t receive subsidies from the Big Ten when they join in 2014.

“I don’t think it’s so much about subsidies,” Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti told the Sun. “We were comfortable from the beginning that the revenues are going to equitably address the travel situation. With certain sports like football, we charter-traveled to every game, so football will really look the same. Basketball, there will be some more [travel], but nonconference scheduling will balance that out.”

Most school’s travel budgets aren’t subsidized by their conference and Rutgers is exploring other solutions to offset the higher travel costs. Not to mention the fact that the Big Ten TV deal paid their school’s four times as much money as the Big East TV deal did this past year with the Big Ten paying out $24 million per school compared to the Big East’s $6 million.

As for the new divisions for the Big Ten haven’t been set yet, it would make the most sense for Rutgers, Maryland and Penn State to be grouped together given their close proximity.

“A lot of that stuff is still very preliminary — how we’re going to do divisions, how we’re going to schedule,” Pernetti said. “In Olympic sports, there is a focus on how to schedule in the most intelligent way.”

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