Big Ten may change names of divisions when Rutgers joins

By Matt Sugam

When Rutgers joins the Big Ten in 2014, they may not be in the “Leaders” or “Legends” division. That’s because the Big Ten could in changing the names of the divisions.

According to, Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany said a name change is “on the table” when Rutgers and Maryland join the conference, and a name change could come as soon as this June.

“We have the opportunity to look at the divisional structure, branding, rivalries and geography all again,” Delany said. “Depending on what we do, we’ll probably influence exactly how we brand it.”

Whatever it is will probably be better then the current name, which was widely regarded as a poor choice of titles for the divisions, a criticism Delany was “a little surprised” by.

What the new names will be is unknown, but they won’t be “East” and “West,” or anything that has to do with the location of the schools in the respective divisions.

“Whether or not we change division [names], I don’t know,” Delany said. “If [the divisions] are not geographic, we are not going to have geographic names.”

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