Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan wants more Big Ten Conference games when Rutgers joins

By Matt Sugam

When Rutgers starts competing in the Big Ten Conference, they could be playing in a beefed up conference schedule in basketball.

At least that’s what Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan thinks should happen.

“I just think – with the non-conference schedule the way it is – if we had a couple more conference games, I think it would be better for us,” Ryan said on the Big Ten Conference call on Monday.

The Big Ten – which currently has 12 teams – plays 18 conference games, which results in each team playing six teams twice.

Of course if more games were added, conference games would have to start early. Something Ryan is ok with.

“If that means playing in December – I’ve played in leagues, coached in leagues that played league play in December,” Ryan said. “But I think there’s other factors, with the institutions, that have to be looked at.

“But without a doubt, I’d love to play the teams in the league and get the fans familiarized more with Nebraska and Rutgers and Maryland and the teams coming in. To try to get our fan base familiar with those schools. So the more games we can play against those institutions over the next 10, 20, 30 years? I think it would be better for the league.”

Rutgers isn’t allowed to join the Big Ten until 2015 due to the 27 month exit wait time, but Rutgers will likely join by 2014 once the lawsuit the university filed against the Big East for a breach of contract is settled.

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