Rutgers repeating same mistakes in losing streak

By Matt Sugam

If you don’t learn from history, it’s bound to repeat itself. And that’s exactly what is happening to Rutgers during their five game losing streak.

“We have a saying around here that a player that makes the same mistake, that’s kind of a bad player, and so goes the team,” Mike Rice said today on the Big East conference call. “If you’re making the same mistakes you’re a bad team, and right now we’re doing that and trying to negate that and attack those same mistakes is something we have to do.

“Especially in critical times in game.”

So how is that done?

“Trusting the formula and letting the offense and letting your teammates allow you to become successful is a big key with this team moving forward,” Rice said. “And getting a W is the main objective.”

Which starts Saturday against No. 20 Georgetown.

It’s the first of eight remaining Big East regular season games for Rutgers to salvage their once promising season. Something Rice feels his team can do.

“No doubt,” Rice said. “This team has eight games left and this team has shown signs of being able to compete at the highest level in this league and be successful, but it hasn’t happened in the last two and half, three weeks and it is a grind.

“You do have to have that energy and that resolve, but you also have to not make the same mistakes…We keep doing the same things and that’s not a healthy formula.”

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