President Robert Barchi acted before final report on Mike Rice was made available

By Matt Sugam

Rutgers President Robert Barchi admits he didn’t see the Mike Rice videos until late Tuesday night. As it turns out, he didn’t take much time to even review the evidence of Rice’s wrongdoings.

Barchi signed off on suspending and not firing Rice back in December without ever meeting with Connell Foley, the independent investigator hired by Rutgers to look into the matter, according to The Star-Ledger. He also decided to suspend and not fire Rice before the final version of the investigators 49-page report was completed in January.

Rather than do any of that, Barchi relied on the information given to him by interim general counsel and univeristy vice president John Wolf, who resigned earlier this week.

Barchi called the Mike Rice fallout a “failure in process” on Friday. Clearly, it was.

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