Georgetown’s Otto Porter poses a tough matchup for Rutgers

By Matt Sugam

As Rutgers prepares to face No. 20 Georgetown on Saturday, the one thing keeping head coach Mike Rice up at night is forward Otto Porter.

“What scares me is he’s the most patient, disciplined lottery pick that I have ever seen in film. He doesn’t rush,” Rice said Thursday on the Big East conference call. “They got the shot clock down under 10 seconds, he’s not running the ball. He’s sticking to the formula.”

Which makes Porter – who’s averaging 14.8 points and 7.6 rebounds per game – a player Rice is envious of.

“God is he just what you want in a player,” Rice said. “Just the trust he has in his teammates and their formula, it’s frightening, because he has so much talent and so much natural ability that you pair that with his discipline and his patience, it’s truly a frightening matchup.”

One thing to Rutgers’ advantage will be the fact that they’ve faced the Princeton offense earlier this season against the team that dons its namesake.

And that team also has a dynamic, dominant player as well in Ian Hummer. And while they have their similarities, the two forwards also have some major differences in their game.

“He’s a little different because I think he’s shooting close to 46% from three and Ian was cutting the post and did some things on the block and the way he facilitated,” Rice said. “But it is like that when the ball touches his hands, something positive is happening.

“And again, he allows his teammates and the offense to put them in such good situations where he has the advantage, whether it’s to score, whether it’s to post up, whether it’s to do something off the dribble. And that’s a credit to his teammates and the system and their formula. He’s certainly a handful.”

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